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Malvaes Solutions, Inc. | Pallets & Materials Recycling


We Buy, Sell, and Repair Pallets

Regardless of what volume of pallets your company may handle, we are here to pay you top dollar for your used, broken, and unwanted pallets. If your company needs any number of new or reconditioned pallets, we can take orders based on customer specifications, along with suggesting the most appropriate pallet based on industry standards. If your company chooses to maintain an already existing pool of pallets, we can pick up any compromised pallets and repair them at a lower cost than buying an entirely new order.

⁃      We pick up scrap, used, unwanted pallets on site

⁃      We sell new, reconditioned, and recycled pallets of all sizes

⁃      We repair company pallet pools at very competitive prices


New, Reconditioned, Combination, and Repaired Pallets

Available sizes: (stringer length X deck board length)

⁃      GMA 48″x40″ #1 4way

⁃      GMA 48″x40″ #2 4way

⁃      48×40 2way

⁃      48×40 Block (heavy and light duty)

⁃      48×36 4way

⁃      48×48

⁃      45×45

⁃      42×42

⁃      40×40

⁃      36×36

⁃      24×40

⁃      42×36




Pick Up & Deliveries (Fleet)

Malvaes Solutions has its own fleet semi trucks, two box trucks, one pick-up truck, and over 20 trailers available to provide reliable and timely pick-ups and deliveries. Customers will receive deliveries free of charge with minimum orders of 250 pallets. Vendors will receive free pick up of their overstock pallets if it is an order of 200 pallets or more. Nevertheless, no job is too big or too small for Malvaes Solutio!

⁃      Pick up – Free with a minimum of 200 pallets

⁃      Delivery – Free with a minimum purchase of 250 pallets

⁃      Trailer drop off services available


Customer/Vendor Recyclables Management

Malvaes Solutions understands that keeping operational costs down is of high priority to every business. A large part of those costs is waste management and disposal. Waste pick up and dumpster services are expensive, so why throw recyclable materials in a dumpster? Save that dumpster space and let us help you by providing a world-class pallet and materials recycling service! We can haul away waste paper, cardboard, and recyclable metals free of charge!

Eligible materials:

⁃      Paper and cardboard (baled or shrink-wrapped and stacked)

⁃      Scrap metals (old useless machinery, equipment, materials, and by-products)

24-7 Availability

95% of all Chicagoland pallet service companies follow strict, limited hours of operation from 9am to 5pm.  At Malvaes Solutions we understand that some companies operate with a wider range of operating hours. For that reason we offer 24-7 availability to our clients!

Eligible 24-7 Services:

⁃      Scrap pallet pickups

⁃      Urgent pallet product deliveries